SSB Interview

What is SSB interview?

SSB stands for Service Selection Board. SSB interview is the process of selecting officers for three parts of Indian Defence i.e. Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. Officers for the other armed forces and Special Forces are also selected by SSB interview.

What is a SSB interview?
What is a SSB interview?

SSB Interview History

This type of selection process was introduced 1st time in the U.S. army in 1917. After that, Germany and U.K. also introduced the same idea. At present various countries are using this idea in recruitment of persons for the armed forces. So the basic idea of SSB came from here.

SSB Interview Process

You have heard about the interview conducted for MNC (Multi-National Company) jobs. But SSB is totally different from it. It is a process of selecting not the best, but the “Right Fit”. Hence main motto of SSB is “Right Person For The Right Job”.

Appointing a right person at the right place is very important because only then that person can give his best to the organization. In other types of interviews, the selection is done on ‘‘as need basis” and the best available to them is selected. If they are running short of enough qualified candidates, their criteria or standards of selection are changeable.

Is SSB Interview Tough ?

In the case of SSB interview, they only select a candidate who is perfect according to their criteria and the most important thing is that they never lower their standards. Candidates out of their criteria range are simply rejected.

This is the factor which makes SSB a tough process and may be the nightmare of most of the defence aspirants. But you don’t need to panic, because it is a ‘‘cake-walk” if you take care of some very basic things and after crossing this last hurdle that is SSB interview, you will be an officer in the prestigious armed forces.

What is 5 day SSB process?

Now we talk about the SSB interview procedure in brief. It is a personality and intelligence test divided into 5 days. The process is as follows:

Day 0
Day 1
Day 2
Day 2 :- Psychology test
Day 3
GTO Task
Day 4
Personal Interview 
Day 5
Final Stage
Medicals (6-8 days)


SSB interview is a 2 stage test:

Stage (1)-Screening &
Stage (2)-Psychology, GTO Task, Personal Interview, Conference, Medicals

All the candidates come for SSB interview take the screening test and candidates passed in stage 1 are further tested for next 4 days. The result of 5 days test is announced by SSB board officials and recommended candidates go for the medical examination in various military hospitals.